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3D-100 Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer

Product Code FMAP0001

The 3D-100 handheld electrostatic sprayer is perfect to ensure a quick and effective coverage of disinfectant - ideal for disinfecting, sanitising, odour removal, decontamination and more.

  • Lightweight

  • Battery operated applicator enabling up to 3 hours

  • Electrostatic application

  • £695.01
    Per Unit


    The 3D-100 disinfectant gun uses the principle of electrostatic induction to evenly and effectively distribute disinfectants. Fully charged particles are released from the electrostatic gun and whilst the particles repel each other, they are attracted to the surface or object being treated. On landing on the surface or object it creates a liquid layer of disinfectant to provide a thorough disinfection application, fast.

  • Use with a water based santiser or disinfectant
  • Lightweight at 2.7kg
  • 3 hour run time
  • 1-litre disinfectant bottle - Easy and quick to refill
  • The machine has a 1yr warranty and 1200 battery cycles.