Eliminating cleaning & washroom challenges.

Evans Florazol Concentrated Deodoriser

Product Code EVAN0070SC
Authorised Distributor

An effective, highly fragranced, concentrated deodoriser.

  • Powerful & highly perfumed
  • Great for care homes and hospitals
  • Available in 4 fragrances

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A potent, concentrated deodoriser, disinfectant and air freshener. Suitable for use wherever you need to freshen the surroundings or need to overcome bad odours. Especially effective in care homes and hospitals accommodating patients suffering from incontinence.

CLEANING & DEODORISING HARD SURFACES, TOILETS & TELEPHONES: Dilute upto 1:20 parts hot water (250 ml per 5 L / 5 capsful per 5 L) in a bucket. Mop or wipe surface.

SPRAY & DEODORISING: Dilute upto 1:80 parts cold water (7.5 ml per 600 ml) in an atomiser spray bottle. Spray into the air, away from the face. Do not spray near food or furniture. If sprayed accidentally onto furniture, wipe off immediately.

Product Highlights

  • Very effective, highly perfumed product.
  • Ideal for use where bad smells is an issue.
  • Eliminates bacteria which cause bad odours and leaves a lasting perfume.
  • Good alternative to aerosols when used in an atomiser or spray.
  • Adding Florazol to a solution tank of hot water extraction machines helps to overcome bad odours when cleaning carpets.
  • Available in 4 perfumes.
  • Has a neutral pH of 7.