Eliminating cleaning & washroom challenges.

Evans Fresh - Liquid Air Freshner & Deodoriser

Product Code EVAN0077SC
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A liquid freshener that overcomes bad odour effectively.

  • Liquid freshener
  • Neutralises cooking & tobacco smells
  • Available in both 5 Ltr & 750ml RTU trigger spray.

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Evans Fresh is a premium liquid air freshener that's very effective against bad odours and creates a pleasant living and work environment. Primarily manufactured for spraying into the air, but is also highly recommended for adding to carpet shampoo and also wiping down hard surfaces.

Product Highlights
  • Creates a fresh Wild Berry atmosphere and quickly dispels bad smells.
  • Overcomes and neutralises malodours, tobacco and cooking odours.
  • Has a pH of 7.
  • Available in 5 Ltr & 750ml RTU trigger spray.

AIR FRESHENING: Pour undiluted into a trigger spray or use the pre-filled ready to use 750 ml bottle. Spray into the air, away from face. Do not spray near food or furniture. If sprayed accidentally onto furniture, wipe off immediately.

CARPETS: Add to carpet shampoo solution at a dilution rate of 1:50 (100 ml per 5 L / 3 pumps x per 5 L) of solution & proceed to clean carpet in the normal manner.

HARD SURFACES: Use undiluted, or dilute up to 1:50 depending on odour. Remove any soiled matter & mop the surface

Download COSHH Data SheetPDF / 182330 Bytes