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Haaga Manual Leaf Sweeper

Product Code SWEP0004C

A robust and solid manual sweeper, designed for the easy and effortless collection of rubbish and debris.

  • Variable height adjustment
  • Available in 3 widths.

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The Haaga manual sweeper is an environmentally friendly, motorless drive that can be used on asphalt, concrete, block paving, paths, floor tiles and such like to sweep and clear wet and dry leaves, stones, paper, empty cans and fine dirt. The large front opening enables quick intake of material and it’s fitted with lateral guide rollers which are great for close up cornering.

Haaga sweepers are charactersized by a very easy handling and high quality. With the unique disc brush system dirt is not simply pushed in front of the sweeper but directly into the dirt container. The turbo sweeping system with an additonal brush picks up dirt twice.