Eliminating cleaning & washroom challenges.

i-mop Floor Pads

Product Code IMOP0014C
Authorised Distributor

Non clogging and splinter free pads

  • High density fibres
  • Five colour variants for different cleaning environments
  • Sold in a pack of 10
Pack of 10

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Designed specifically for the i-mop scrubber driers and sold in five variants, see below for details.

Black - Aggressive Cleaning - Highly effective for a thorough, deep clean on worn/smooth surfaces.

Blue - Medium Cleaning - Perfect for daily cleaning and removing general dirt on smooth surfaces.

Green - Heavy Cleaning - Designed for cleaning deep down dirt on smooth surfaces.

Red - Light Cleaning - Designed for light cleaning on smooth surfaces.

White - Delicate Cleaning - Designed for cleaning highly polished smooth surfaces.