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i-protect Hand Sanitising Gel

Product Code IPRT0001
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Key Features:

  • Antibacterial & Antivirus Hand Gel.
  • Provides a 4-6 hour protective barrier
  • pack of 8
Pack of 8


The hand gel utilises aXonnite technology to create a protective barrier on the hands which uses the silver contained in the product as an antibacterial and antivirus solution. The product will maintain a protective barrier for 4-6 hours during normal daily activity and handwashing. This provides a long-lasting barrier for the user compared to standard alcohol gel.

aXonnite Technology Overview:
  • Innovative, patented, aXonnite technology, is a physical method of creating non-ionic nano-particles from precious and semi-precious metals. This methodology is based on many years of nanotechnology developments, a technology based on creating nano-structures and nano-materials, with dimensions not exceeding 100nm. aXonnite technology allows the development and usage of elements such as silver, gold, copper or platinum on a molecular and atomic level. Using such microscopic-sized particles, in the nano-size range, we are able to successfully utilise their antibacterial, antivirus and antifungal properties. The defining moment was the development, not of a chemical, but a physical process that allows the creation of nano-particles of metal. It allows the laboratory scale reduction of pure metal to particles that are from several to tens of nanometres in dimension. Such a size reduction in silver or gold will increase the effect on harmful microorganisms, due to the vastly increased ability of the constituent atoms to react with the cell membrane of a bacteria or virus.