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MotorScrubber Storm Kit

Product Code SCRU0008
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The MotorScrubber STORM contains everything you need to start sanitising frequently touched surfaces and more very fast.

  • 1 hour 50 min battery run time
  • No trailing cables
  • Machine weight - 2kg
  • Sq Meter Performance - 120 m2 per hour
Per Unit


The Motorscrubber STORM will enable you to disinfectant and spray evenly for solid coverage, to ensure you leave no gaps for bacteria and/or viruses to survive. It's battery-powered providing almost 2 hours of solid run time and ensuring that you are free to move and sanitise areas quickly without having to worry about cables. The quick-change nozzle makes it easy to clean and maintain STORM, after every use.

  • The MotorScrubber Storm Kit, provides everything you need to get started
  • Use with your preferred sanitiser or this is something we can provide
  • Easy To Use and very lightweight
  • High speed swirl nozzle (40 micron)
  • 1h 50 min run time
  • Quick refill, 1-litre disinfectant bottle
  • Optimum coverage at 30cm
  • Flow rate 77ml/minute