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North Shore Micro Folded Hand Towel Dispenser

Product Code NOSH0120C
Authorised Distributor

This simple, sleek hand towel dispenser holds 300 towels at full capacity reducing run-out. Available in 3 colours.

  • Perfect solution for space restricted areas
  • Smaller hand towel makes it more efficient and effective
  • Width: 223mm, Height: 265mm, Depth 100mm.

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The North Shore Micro Folded Hand Towel Dispenser holds an incredible 300 hand towels at full capacity. This helps to ensure that run-out is kept to an absolute minimum. It offers a simple, sleek and compelling design making certain that it will look great in any type of washroom environment. Available in 3 colours; blue, black and white.

The folded micro hand towels this dispenser uses have been designed smaller than many other traditional alternatives. The reasoning behind this is that, although the towel width is narrower, it still ensures an effective hand dry. This, coupled with the fact that wastage is reduced, makes it kinder to the environment.

Dispensers are provided FREE on loan and a fitting service is available, contact one of our team today to discuss your requirements.