Organisation: Wade Deacon High School

SECTOR:  Education

LOCATION: North West

A little bit about Wade Deacon High School:

Wade Deacon High School is part of The Wade Deacon Trust and is based in Widnes with a history that dates back to 1507. Today, Wade Deacon is a dynamic and thriving school where the ‘commitment to excellence’ model is clearly visible in every aspect of its work. This is demonstrated in the many awards the school has received. Wade Deacon is an outstanding school whose students achieved World Class Status in December 2017. The school currently holds the Artsmark Platinum status as well as The International School Award.

Wade Deacon High School attributes much of their academic success to the secure and supportive framework that the pastoral system provides for all students. By feeling comfortable in their daily work where they are free from any interruptions, students can concentrate 100% on fulfilling their true academic potential.

    What we provide for Wade Deacon High School:

      As part of the school’s ongoing review of hygiene management, Chespack Hygiene was able to support the school in relation specifically to the many toilet zones around the school. After speaking to Chespack Hygiene who recommended their product Purus Pro OdourGo, Wade Deacon used the free sample they received and were truly amazed at the results. Designated zones were treated with Purus Pro OdourGo as part of the main clean with outstanding results. Toilets remained fresh and fragrant after 3-4 weeks. The school’s cleaning team reported that they loved the product.

        Wade Deacon are always looking to reduce running costs as this obviously leaves more finance for what matters—the academic success of their students, however, this is often quite a challenge to do without reducing the product quality and therefore the cleaning results. Chespack Hygiene did a review of the product usage and were able to save the school 11% on their annual cleaning costs which enabled them to reach their goal of keeping within their budget without reducing product quality.

           “The Purus Pro OdourGo is a truly amazing product which lives up to its description and has assisted our cleaning team to ensure that our toilet zones are hygienic and of the highest standards —wish we’d seen it years ago!”

            The savings we were able to make on our cleaning products was very well received and enabled us to reach our goal of keeping within our budget—so the account review was a great success”

              Jackie Phillips, Assistant Site Manager, Wade Deacon High School