We have started the process with our manufacturers to switch all possible products into a PCR bottle over the coming weeks.

      What is PCR?

        PCR is recycled plastic made from discarded items such as plastic milk and drinks bottles. Post-consumer resin (PCR) is an environmentally sustainable solution for reusing single-use materials that would otherwise be disposed of in landfill sites.

          Why are we doing this?

            PCR plastic is made from existing plastic and is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. By recycling the plastic we struggle to get rid of, manufacturers gain an affordable option for their packaging whilst helping to protect the planet.

              Reprocessing existing plastics uses less energy and fossil fuels. Overall, the environmental impact is less, reducing excess pollution and wasted resources.

                Is this just 5L?

                  No, the plan is to migrate all possible pack types to PCR. We will start with 5L and progress onto 1L. Other high volume pack sizes will be converted as and when possible. However, some bottle types are unable to switch into PCR due to manufaturing limitations.

                    Are all 5L products switching to PCR bottles?

                      No. Some formulations are hazardous for transport and require specific packaging standards. As there are currently no PCR bottles approved to this standard, this category shall remain in the white UN certified packaging.

                        Chespack Hygiene's commitment to the environment

                          Chespack's commitment to innovation and the environment, along with considerable product research, is adapting the way our cleaning and hygiene products are meeting environmental standards. We are seeking to embed circular economy principles into both packaging and products across the brand to reduce their carbon footprint. We’ve seen increases in demand for our products in recent months, and we need to continue momentum and to adapt and evolve our sustainable product range and packaging to ensure we are continuing to lead the way in terms of sustainability.