I’m sure everyone has had that experience of walking into school washrooms and instantly being hit by hostile odours!

What do people feel like when they use your washrooms? Do the students, staff, and visitors desperately avoid those visits to the little room? Well, they don’t need to any more.

This issue is becoming more and more prevalent within the education sector. Industry action had to be taken and so our Purus® Pro OdourGo™ range was born…

Within the range we have several products that keep your washroom smelling fresh and clean - 24/7

1. Purus® Pro OdourGo™ Multipurpose Cleaner Disinfectant

This product is a highly effective odour killer which contains a powerful disinfectant that kills the bacteria causing the odour. A lot of current products in the industry only mask the problem and don’t get too the root cause of the smell to kill it from there. For example, one of the most common causes of odour in toilets is a build up of uric salts, this acts as a breeding ground for the bacteria that cause the awful smell. Purus® Pro OdourGo™ not only kills that bacteria but also help to reduce the buildup of uric salts. The product can be used on all types of surfaces including carpets, furniture, beds and toilet areas.

We have an excellent case study from Paul Ross at Todmorden High regarding his experience with the OdourGo Multi purpose disinfectant.

“We had a really bad smell issue with the boys’ toilets. Using your OdourGo product sorted it overnight; remarkable! We will be ordering more…

Read the full Case Study here: Todmorden High School

2. OdourGo™ Easy Fresh - Fan Unit

Washroom freshness has never been so EASY with the OdourGo Easy Fresh Fan and Cover Unit. Combined with the Easy Fresh Cover this is a simple yet effective way to provide freshness to your washrooms without using aerosol. Just replace the cover every 30 days, not the fan. Each Fan covers up to 16 s/q meters.

3. OdourGo™ Trough Screen

This urinal trough screen comes with a mango fragrance and helps to release bacteria that helps in the breakdown of odour causing and drain clogging uric salts. The screen will shrink in size slightly over this time which is due to the release of this odour controlling bacteria.

Offering 30 days of freshness the Trough Screen also features a clock system to remind you when to replace the screen.

4. OdourGo™ Bowl Clip

A fragrance Bowl Clip that are easy to install and offer 40 x more fragrance than any other Bowl Clip. With the gradual release of fragrance this fantastic product offers 30 days of freshness!

At Chespack Hygiene we are on a mission to help organisations over come their cleaning & washroom challenges!

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