With the current COVID-19 Pandemic hitting across the country, you may now be considering installing or renewing your hand towel solutions, within your organisation. To come inline with the current World Health Organisations and the NHS, recommendations on using single use paper towels to dry your hands.

In making decisions around a washroom dispensing solution, it is important to note that there are ‘hand towel dispensers’ and hand towel dispensers. With the current pandemic, I’m sure everyone is more conscious in making the right the decision and ensuring any money being spent, is spent in the best possible way.

We have compiled the four key components, which ensure a successful washroom system that will not only be a positive transition, but an ongoing experience for users, whilst ensuring wastage and ongoing costs are kept to a minimum.

1. Maintenance

This is an important, yet often overlooked, point to consider when implementing washroom dispensing solutions. Naturally we are often drawn to what we are familiar with, or what may seem a low-cost solution. So here are three essential considerations to provide a trouble free, waste free and a low cost- in-use solution.

  •  How much traffic will your washrooms be getting?
    High traffic washrooms demand high capacity dispensing systems. Otherwise, two things will happen, the first will be that there will be regular runouts which frustrates the user and often leads to vandalism. The second is that extra replenishment will be required. Replenishing dispensers takes time and time is money.
  • Do you have trouble with vandalism? If so, you will need a highly durable system that is lockable to withstand intentions to damage and intentionally remove the contents.

2. Eco Credentials

Washroom systems carrying, the EU Ecolabel certification provide you with the confidence that you are doing your bit to help the environment. We provide certificates for several of our washroom systems, which can be displayed to show visitors and staff if you are serious about your environmental credentials..

3. Costs

This is a crucial element that should be carefully considered, prior to deciding on your dispenser system. The most important point is to ensure you don’t take pricing at face value. Low-cost consumables like hand towels and toilet rolls will often lead to high waste. This, in turn, results in much higher cost-in-use, resulting in higher costs over the medium-long term.

Our washroom dispensing solutions are very low cost-in-use, resulting in substantial savings over the long term, which we can break down into these three areas;

Waste Reduction – Our systems are designed to restrict the flow and eliminate over-use, ensure the contents are used fully before replenishment and lockable to prevent theft.

Very low vandalism reports – This is often overlooked but low-quality dispensers will in turn, result in more damages and ultimately mean you have to keep purchasing more dispensers, which costs more money.

Drain friendly – Fast pulping paper meaning that the paper breakdown in water is so much quicker - an excellent product for areas with problematic plumbing.

4. Hygiene

This is now more important than ever and an area that needs to be carefully considered. Look for a solution that offers touch-free dispensing and ensure they can be easily cleaned.

Our systems provide a single sheet presentation, this means users only touch the paper they will be using, which reduces contamination/infection spreading.


 Are you looking for a system that is designed for high traffic washrooms and ticks all these boxes and more? 

More about our washroom dispensing systems.

The Pura washroom system provides impressive capacity and the controllable sheet length delivers highly efficient cost-in-use values, as well as a striking visual appeal.

Our washroom dispensing systems provide a practical solution, to suit and meet the requirements of your organisation whether it be an educational facility, office block, shopping centre or a football stadium we have a solution to meet every requirement.

At Chespack Hygiene, we are repeatedly helping organisations overcome key issues within their washrooms. The first one being product wastage; this could be from theft or users taking excess hand towels to dry their hands. The second challenge is drainage problems, particularly in the education sector but this can be a big and unexpected cost to the organisation. The Pura system can overcome both these issues for any organisation helping relieve these pressures and reduce your costs!

What sectors are most suited to the Pura Dispenser System?

Pura is a system that is suitable for multiple sectors, designed especially for high foot fall environments.

-         Education

-         Public Buildings

-         Office Buildings

-         Industry & manufacturing

-         Sports grounds

Why choose Pura?

There are so many reasons why to choose Pura for your next washroom system, but we thought we would point out a few key areas which many organisations are benefiting from already….

  1. Free Dispensers on loan - enabling a complete refresh at no extra cost to the school
  2. Reduced product wastage
  3. Eliminate run-outs with the high capacity dispensers
  4. Improve washroom hygiene