Winter is coming. The dark mornings, cold nights and unpredictable weather can make November a stark warning that the coldest months of the year are just around the corner.

Sweep them leaves…

With recent frost and higher winds, the leaf fall is now in top gear not only making your outdoor areas look untidy but also creating slip hazards! See further information on our sweeper which has long-lasting brushes and a vertical, space-saving storage (only 0.25 m²), without the dirt falling out. It sweeps dry and wet leaves providing a trouble-free, beltless operation. Haaga Leaf Sweeper.



The winter weather is finally coming upon us and the temperature is dropping as each week passes. You may be starting to wonder if you should stock up on a few items to make sure you are ready for any snow or icy conditions that may appear overnight. If you’re not sure what to get to make sure you’re prepped for the winter months, here are a few ideas from us at Chespack Hygiene!


Rock Salt

This low cost but great quality solution to your ice and snow problems is a combination of coarse rock salt, sand and special ice-melting additives. It can quickly and effectively clear ice and snow, just in case you happen to wake up to a driveway/car park full of ice! Likewise, the Rock Salt can be used as a preventative measure and be spread on paths and pavements to prevent ice settling, therefore preventing slippery conditions!


Snow Scoop

A specially designed snow shovel that is ideal for shoveling significant amounts of snow is an ideal product to have in the cupboard just in case we are forecast a lot of snow! Light and easy to use, a Snow Scoop could come in use for years to come and is built to last. Perfect for clearing paths or your driveway.

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