Norovirus is one of the most common stomach bugs and the arrival of winter often brings many outbreaks.

“The vomiting bug is confirmed to have hit 60 schools in the North East, but the outbreak is expected to spread further if it's not contained.” #cheshire-live

 3 tips to help you stay clear of Norovirus...

Regular hand washing & cleaning...

It might sound too simple but encouraging proper hand washing will help to prevent the spread of germs. Our hands are a natural breeding ground for germs. **80% of infections are spread by hand**. It is essential that all colleagues, children and visitors have access to hand washing facilities; warm water, soap, hand towels/dryers and ideally hand sanitizer. We have this available at our fingertips Bio630 Hand Sanitizer Range along with Bio630 Hard Surface Cleaner for your working surfaces.

Proactively deep clean, this is key to prevention!

Before we all close down for Christmas, now is an ideal time for a thorough deep clean! Tackle those hard-to-reach or rarely seen areas where potentially harmful germs may be hiding! To help you do this both time-effectively and environmentally friendly, we offer cleaning machine hire on our i-Mop's, Motorscrubber's, ICE Scrubber's, Bissell Carpet cleaners and more. For further information, please be sure to get in contact on 01829773015 or email us at

React quickly >>

If unfortunately, there is an outbreak of Norovirus in your premises, be sure to react quickly to decontaminate the area to ensure it is fit for purpose again! We would highly recommend our Victory Sprayer which generates a mist of disinfectant which settles on top of, underneath and on the sides of objects, enabling you to disinfect a large area in a short period of time. As Norovirus is considered a hardy virus, it is often transferable for several days, living on hard surfaces like door – our Bio630 Hand & gadget Wipes are perfect for sanitizing these kind of surfaces.

Don’t know where to begin?

Check out our starter kit on the following link Bio630 - Starter Kit – which gives you a taster of what we can provide to ensure germs in your workplace are kept to a minimum!