During the current pandemic and with new product recommendations, I am sure your procurement and finance teams have been crazy busy in sourcing new products for new and existing suppliers which is great to ensure you have all the recommended lines in place to ensure a safe working environment for your staff and students. But as we start to enter the new ‘normal’ is key to get our systems back in place and streamlined. We have created 3 tips to help you in this process.

      1) Review & consolidate suppliers.

        I’m sure you will have all experienced the number of suppliers you have, will have increased during the current pandemic, and this is a key area to review all your suppliers – can you consolidate the number down and have a core supplier list. This helps in a number of ways; one you will have better buying power with your suppliers and two it will reduce the amount of time it takes to process orders with suppliers and then for finance processing invoices.

          2) Streamline products and equipment.

            Again with new guidance and information coming out so regularly over the last few months, you may have increased the number of products used within your organisations – this can cause confusion with your cleaning operatives and an increased amount of time will need to be put in to training operatives and sorting COSHH and risk assessments – this can result in a lot of time especially if you have several buildings and large workforce.

            When was the last time you reviewed your cleaning equipment? A lot of your time maybe being spent in arranging serving and repairs of your current machines. With leasing options available this makes investing in new machinery a lot more cost effective for you. This will result in reduction in repairs and servicing required and this can be managed by the equipment supplier.

              3) Build up your relationship with suppliers.

                This is a critical point and as a supplier they should be in regular contact with you to ensure they can help and guide you through any questions you may have. But if you are not receiving this level of service. Speak to your suppliers and find out who your account manager is. Once you have this arrange a call, discuss what your challenges are and see if they as a supplier have any challenges in supply of products – with demand changing over recent months, supply on certain products has been difficult, but if you know the situation with your suppliers you can plan according and not be let down. It’s critical for your suppliers to continue to build the relationship and this is a key area to look for in a supplier in that they are proactive in this way. As the relationship is built you can then start to negotiate with them with regards pricing, terms, and service!


                    We hope this article has helped provided guidance to help streamline your processes, inview of reducing expenditure for your organisation. If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to make contact with us, we are here to help you through these challenging times.