North Shore

Are you looking for a washroom solution that reduces cost, waste and maintenance? If so, North Shore will be the perfect match for you!

Designed for high traffic washrooms, its impressive capacity and controllable sheet length delivers highly efficient cost in use values as well as a striking visual appeal.

 ‘Through its design, function and quality, North Shore is robust and sturdy, making dispensers suitable for even the most challenging washroom environments. Easy to maintain, North Shore dispensers have been engineered specifically to reduce waste and ultimately reduce cost.’ - Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd

At Chespack Hygiene we are repeatedly helping organisations overcome key issues within their washrooms. The first one being product wastage. This could be from theft, toilet rolls being thrown around or put down the loo or users taking excess hand towels to dry their hands. The second challenge is drainage problems, particularly in the education sector but this can be a big and unexpected cost to the organisation. The North Shore system can over come both these issues for any organisation helping relieve these pressures and reduce your costs!

Why choose North Shore?

There are so many reasons why to choose North Shore for your next washroom system, but we thought we would point out a few key areas which many organisations are benefiting from already….

1. Maintenance

  • High Capacity – Significant reduction in maintenance and servicing visits due to the high capacity dispensers. This makes the range the perfect choice for high footfall areas.

  • Reduce vandalism & theft – The dispensers are produced from a very durable ABS plastic to minimise any vandalism.

  • All dispensers are fitted with a locking system making sure the product is kept safe

2. Eco Credentials

  • North Shore proudly carries the EU Ecolabel certificate across all the recycled paper and majority of soap products.

  • Dispensers offer zero wastage.

  • Wall plaques and certificates available to organisations that have a complete fit out to promote your ‘Green’ washroom.

3. Costs

  • Waste Reduction – Toilet roll & hand towel dispensers are designed for the user to use 100% of the paper before the next roll becomes available.

  • Overuse Prevention – Controlled dispensing – Hand towels are dispensed in economic lengths and restricted flow on toilet rolls.

  • Drain friendly – Fast pulping paper meaning that the paper breakdown in water so much quicker, an excellent product for areas with problematic plumbing.

4. Hygiene

  • Easy wipe clean dispensers and durable surfaces.

  • Single sheet presentation – Users only touch the paper they will be using reducing contamination/infection spreading.

What sectors are most suited to the North Shore Dispenser System?

North Shore is a system that is suitable for multiple sectors, designed especially for high foot fall environments.

-         Education

-         Public Buildings

-         Office Buildings

-         Industry & manufacturing

-         Sports grounds

Don’t just take our word for it, check out some case studies below from customers we have helped…

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Interested in a greener washroom?

Why not contact one of the team today to book a visit from North Shore product specialist and see how we can overcome your current washroom challenges, enabling you to have a ‘Green’ washroom and have a washroom of the future.

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