Eliminating cleaning & washroom challenges.

If you have safety flooring (like Altro) fitted at your facility, you’re p
Knowing how to clean a wood floor doesn't need to tough as luckily we have the b
A complete guide to ensure you care for your floors throughout this winter.
You do not need to keep your kids away from the kitchen. Rather use every opport
Global Handwashing Day, which is celebrated every October 15th, aims to tur
Before you start considering your options, it’s important to understa
Why don’t we just scrub our hands with water, trusting H2O to do what it&r
By their very nature, washrooms are tough to maintain. Keeping them hygienic and
5 hacks that will help you keep your office germ free.  
Chespack Hygiene is dedicated to providing a high quality service to our custome
More than 500,000 cases of food poisoning are reported in the UK every year
First aid in the workplace is not just a responsibility; it is a legal requireme

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