Eliminating cleaning & washroom challenges.

OSDs are a major cause of absenteeism and inefficiency.
Chespack also conducted a COSHH training session at the school that was very wel
At Chespack Hygiene, we have a range of essential products that every groundskee
Last week the Chespack Hygiene team spent a morning at The Success Factory in Ta
When it comes to the subject of washrooms, the most important consideration is a
It’s July, which means one thing: summer holidays! 
Using one supplier streamlines the process, saving time and money.
The summer season provides a great opportunity for intense school cleaning...
Allergies are among the top 3 reasons people miss work.
Hand washing is vital in keeping ourselves healthy...
Chewing gum has been causing problems in schools and institutions for decades...
See how we helped solve drainage problems at Briscoe Lane Academy.

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