Eliminating cleaning & washroom challenges.

Rubbermaid Hygen Single Sided Pulse Mop Kit

Product Code FLMO0001
Authorised Distributor

Innovative lightweight aluminium mopping frame designed for use with microfibre pads to make cleaning easier and more effective. This kit contains a handle, a single sided frame and two single sided 40cm microfibre pads.

  • On-board fluid reservoir

  • Non-slip tip

  • Helps reduce repetitive strain injury

  • Read our Case Study on this product about how it solved the problem with the wet floors but also provided a much better surface finish



The Rubbermaid single sided mop frame has a flat profile which enables the user to slide the frame underneath furniture and equipment easily. In addition the trapezoidal shape further increases the quality of the clean as it enables the user to access hard to reach areas e.g. corners.

It is lightweight at only 1.7kg with an aluminium construction which considerably improves aesthetics whilst being durable enough to withstand regular use. In addition, the universal ball joint provides the user with a full range of motion to ensure efficient cleaning and is safe for use in MRI rooms.

The quick-connect system is used to attach the handle with a high capacity, refillable onboard fluid reservoir which holds 0.6 ltr of solution. The reservoir windows allows easy monitoring of fluid levels and a full reservoir will clean up to 80m2 of floor space.

The handle has a non-slip tip and a built-in ergonomically designed trigger which, in a one handed operation, dispenses three streams of solution, this helps reduce repetitive strain injury.