Eliminating cleaning & washroom challenges.

Rubbermaid Pulse Mop Flow Back Pack - 5.6litre

Product Code FLMO0009
Authorised Distributor

A high capacity, back pack system used in conjunction with the Pulsemop system

  • Helps reduce labour cost
  • Improves worker productivity & well-being
  • Enables user to clean upto 820 m2 before refilling.


The Rubbermaid high capacity, FLOW back pack system is designed for use with the Pulsemop and allows user-controlled release of solution. The back pack is ideal for spot cleaning and anywhere you can’t take a bucket, such as stairs, tube stations and trains etc. It features venting channels to improve airflow and reduce moisture on the back whilst wearing to improve user comfort.

The back pack has built-in pockets for MSDS sheets, water bottles and work phone for built-in convenience, user comfort and efficiency. The chest and waist straps distribute weight onto users’ hips instead of shoulders; this reduces strain and protects the workers’ well-being.

The Pulsemop combined with the FLOW back pack system will clean up to 820m2.