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Evans T.S.R 200 - High Strength Traffic Soil Remover 25 Ltr

Product Code EVAN0176
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A powerful, double strength, heavy duty detergent that will remove road film and grease from vehicles.

  • Used with all types of pressure washers
  • Used for cleaning machinery & equipment
  • 25 Ltr


Evans TSR 200 is a extra strong,heavy duty detergent for use with all types of high-pressure powerwash machines. Removes road film and soiling from the bodywork of heavy goods vehicles, coaches, buses and tractors. Can also be used on curtain sided vehicles.

Product Highlights
  • Effective, rapid cleaning action.
  • Popular with removing heavy soiling from plant machinery and equipment.
  • Superb for power-washing floors and walls.
  • Garages use it to clean chassis prior to M.O.T. inspections.
  • Has a pH of 13.3.
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