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Selden - Vmix Super Concentrates | Floor Maintainer V400 - 1Ltr

Product Code SELD0203
Authorised Distributor

Contains polymer and wax for adding shine and durability. Can be damp mopped and burnished with a soft or medium pad

Available in a 1 Ltr dosing bottle.



Selden V400 is a super concentrated colour coded floor maintainer, containing polymer and wax to add shine and durability to polished floors..

Product Highlights
  • Potent, long lasting fragrance.
  • Low dosage, very cost-effective to use.
  • Supplied in portable, easy to handle 1ltr bottles with 10ml dosing caps.
  • Low environmental impact product.
Usage Guidance:

DOSING METHOD: Squeeze bottle to fill the top reservoir (10ml), tip the chemical into a 750ml trigger spray bottle containing warm/hot water..

For a 10 Litre bucket - add 2 x 10ml shots of super concentrate to a bucket of 5 ltrs of water.