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Evans Drain Clear - Bio Drain & Grease Trap Maintainer 10 Ltr

Product Code EVAN0048
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This biological drain cleaner, digests both fat and grease whilst at the same time helps control odours

  • Keeps drains clear & flowing
  • Curbs odours
  • 10 Ltr


Evans Drain Clear is a biological cleaning fluid that destroys fat and grease to help stop kitchen drainage systems from blockages. Frequent use will ensure peace of mind and pipes free from major problems caused by grease deposits.

GREASE TRAP: This product should be dispensed automatically through an Evans Biological Drain Dosing System into the drain or grease trap 2 hours after the end of the working day. Alternatively it may be poured manually into the drain at the end of the working day. INITIAL DOSE: 2 litres DAILY MAINTENANCE: 300 ml DRAIN LINES: Pour manually into the drain at the end of the working day, as close as possible to the source of the grease. INITIAL DOSE: 500 ml DAILY MAINTENANCE: 300 ml

Product Highlights
  • Enables grease traps to work effectively with longer service intervals.
  • Helps ensure clean and free flowing drain lines.
  • Controls & reduces odours.
  • Can be used safely in most environments.
  • Has a pH of 5.0.
  • Safe to handle and prevents the need to use hazardous chemicals