Eliminating cleaning & washroom challenges.

Evans Odour Neutraliser

Product Code EVAN0120SC
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A ready to use, highly effective and quick acting formula for the elimination of malodours such as tobacco smoke, urine, ransid food and pet odours

  • Use on carpet, fabric & hard surfaces

  • Eliminates bacteria, passes EN1276

  • Available in 5 Ltr & a 750ml RTU.

  • Read a Case Study about how this product help to resolve some bad odour issues in the washroom of Salford University 


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Evans Odour Neutraliser is an effective, rapid action odour neutraliser and anti-bacterial. It eliminates bad smells including urine, vomit, smoke, perspiration, rancid food and pet odours, with the extra benefit of destroying a range of bacteria. Suitable for use on hard surfaces, carpets and fabrics and within dustbins.

Product Highlights
  • Ready to use formulation.
  • Recommended for use of a washable hard surfaces.
  • Eliminates offensive malodours including urine, vomit, smoke, perspiration, rancid food and pet odours.
  • Kills bacteria. Used at the recommendation rate & contact time, it passed EN 1276
  • Pleasant wild berries deodorising fragrance.
  • Has a pH of 5.5.
  • Available in a 5 Ltr & 750ml RTU trigger spray.

GENERAL USE: Use undiluted. For areas with an established persistant problem spray the surface liberally to ensure the odour is digested.

SOILED AREAS: For recently soiled areas, spray the offending material to help neutralise the immediate odour. Remove as much solid by dustpan & blot urine with paper towel. Spray surface once again liberally & allow the product to overcome both the malodour & its cause.

Download COSHH Data SheetPDF / 288932 Bytes