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OdourGo Screen - Urinal Deodoriser

Product Code PPOG0002C
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OdourGo Urinal Screen

  • Read a Case Study on this product in use here
  • Releases friendly bacteria that helps in the breakdown of uric acid
  • 30 days of continuous fragrance 
  • Design features anti splash-back protrusions
  • Safe for use in waterless urinals
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to use
  • Low VOC (Europe compliant)

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About the OdourGo Urinal Screen

A fragranced urinal screen avialable in mango or ocean mist. The urinal screens are easy to install and offer 5 x more fragrance than any other screen.

Releasing bacteria that helps in the breaks down of odour causing and drain clogging uric salts, the screen will shrink in size slightly over this time which is due to the release of this odour controlling bacteria.

Offering 30 days of freshness the OdourGo Urinal Screen also features a clock system to remind you when to replace the screen. The screen has been designed with long protrusions which reduce splash-back.

About Our Purus® Pro OdourGo™ Range

Our Purus® Pro OdourGo™ product range helps you to create the right impression for your customers and visitors by offering simple solutions to bad odours.

Washrooms with bad odours can give visitors a poor impression of your business or organisation whereas washrooms that smell good will create a professional, classy impression.

All our OdourGo products will work to solve your washroom odour problems! The aerosol free air fresheners and fragranced urinal screens will give your washroom 30 days of continuous freshness! PLUS not forgetting our very popular OdourGo™ Multipurpose Cleaner Disinfectant which is effective is tackling the odour causing bacteria.

Impress your customers and guests with the Purus® Pro OdourGo™ Range.

It looks good & it smells good!