Eliminating cleaning & washroom challenges.

Rubbermaid Hygen S/Sided Mop Charging Bucket

Product Code FLMO0021
Authorised Distributor

Single sided mop charging bucket for use with the microfibre flat mops and Quick-Connect tools.

  • Safe for use in MRI rooms
  • Reduces cross contamination
  • Compatible cleaning carts available.


The Rubbermaid single sided mop charging bucket is suitable for use with the single sided microfibre flat mops and Quick-Connect tools for a continuous cleaning process. It completes a highly efficient, flat mop cleaning system for healthcare and sanitary maintenance applications.

The charging buckets are of a non-porous plastic construction which is lightweight and easy to clean.

Reduces cross-contamination when a fresh mop is used for each room or area, the charging bucket holds 10-20 microfibre damp mops and each mop holds enough liquid to clean up to 23 m2.