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North Shore Hybrid Hand Towel Dispenser

Product Code NOSH0115C
Authorised Distributor

A unique hand towel dispenser system that offers 3 ways to dispense towels. Electronic, Hands-Free & Manual. Available in 3 colours.

  • Lockable, touch free, high capacity dispensers
  • Pre-measured hand towel control use and wastage
  • Width: 299mm, Height: 393mm, Depth 242mm.

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The North Shore Hybrid hand towel dispenser provides a truly revolutionary way of hand-drying which combines both electronic, hands-free and manual dispensing of hand towels, all in one dispenser. Available in 3 colours; blue, black and white.

Like the Opti-Serv hands free dispenser, it greatly reduces the risk of cross contamination of harmful bacteria by providing the user with a pre-measured amount of hand towels without having to touch the dispenser itself. Widely used in the healthcare industry, is also used in other industries where cleanliness and waste reduction are imperative.

Find out how this dispenser works by checking out the ‘Instructions Tab’ above.

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