Eliminating cleaning & washroom challenges.

Evans 1066 Conqueror® Toilet Blocks

Product Code EVAN0202
Authorised Distributor

A detergent based perfumed toilet blocks for cleaning and deodorising urinals and channels.

  • Soluble to overcome the risk of blocked drains
  • Dyed yellow
  • 3kg tub


Evans 1066 Conqueror® Blocks are highly perfumed, detergent based, non PDCB toilet blocks specifically for use in gents toilets and urinals. These tablets help to ehnace the environment of washrooms and toilets as they help to overcome the problem of blocked drains as well as odours.

Product Highlights
  • Features a pleasant lasting perfume.
  • Helps to overcome bad odours derived from urine.
  • Enhances the washroom environment.
  • Blocks weigh approximately 20gms each.
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