Eliminating cleaning & washroom challenges.

People Wellbeing

Demonstrate in practice your duty of care towards your employees, visitors, guests, students, suppliers and other stakeholders. We can assist you reducing absenteeism and improve on the occupational health by eliminating germs and combating infections.


Reduce absenteeism

By eliminating germs and viruses you will notice a difference in the number of people taking sick leave. Particularly in the Education sector, significant improvements on attendance rates have been achieved by combating common infections and viruses.

Provide a pleasant environment

Everyone wants to work, operate and learn in a clean, hygienic, pleasant working environment; and we can assist you with this. It will improve the wellbeing of everyone involved and it has been proven to reduce staff turnover and increase productivity.

Safety First

We have a wide range of safety and personal protection equipment to ensure compliance with H&S regulation and accident avoidance. Chespack Hygiene also provides COSHH training courses a legal requirement for all employers to control hazardous substances.

First Aid - Be prepared

When accidents do occur, you can ensure that you can provide the duty of care to your employees, guests, visitors and students with our selection of first aid products. Our wide range includes industry-specific kits suitable for a wide range of injuries in the workplace.
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Why Chespack Hygiene

We are a leading distributor of cleaning, hygiene and janitorial products, specialising in the Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Retail sectors. Our products are sourced mainly from UK manufacturers with the highest safety and quality standards.

With a proud history based around our solutions-driven company values of honesty and customer care, we are confident we can fulfil the most demanding of requirements.

  • Years of expertise in the cleaning, hygiene and janitorial supplies sector
  • Innovative products from UK based manufacturers
  • Unsurpassed customer care and service levels